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I have used this product for

What happened to the reminder tone?
I have used this product for awhile now.  I have made donations and purchased the the Pro version.  However,  the unique reminder tone is gone and has instead been replaced with the standard "tinkerbell" tone within Android media.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but it appears I cannot select a unique tone for the app.
My device is a Moto Droid Bionic running Ver. 4.1.2
Thank you,



Thank you for contacting us. You can set a different ringtone for every reminder when creating a new one, or editing an existing reminder. Make sure to check the sound checkbox and you will be presented a list of available sounds on your device.

n'4get Reminder does not provide it's own ringtones, but lets you chose from all available system sounds. If a sound gets removed from the device and is no longer available, the app reverts to a default sound, which could be the case on your phone.


I love this app! Its great. I

I love this app! Its great. I would love to see the ability to pre-confirm an alarm. I sometimes complete a task before it is due and want to complete the alarm so it doe not bother me later. Is this possible?

Thanks for the suggestions. I

Thanks for the suggestions. I'd like to add such a functionality in one of the next releases.

Lost the "insinstent"

Lost the "insistent" notifications?
I bought the app this weekend and absolutely love it. It does everything I want. But the main reason I chose it was that the alerts are insistent and will continue till I either snooze or confim them.
Everything has been working great till yesterday when all alerts suddenly reverted to one chime only. rebooted the phone and still nothing. The insistent function is gone and I havent changed anything since the purchase on Saturday.
Any suggestions to get running again? I really need this feature.
Thanks in advance !

Thank you for the report! I

Thank you for the report! I am working on a bugfix for this issue at the moment.
Expect this to be solved within a few hours,

Good news, the bug has been

Good news, the bug has been fixed and an app update has already been uploaded to the Google Play Store. This is version 4.01, fixing this particular bug. 
It will become available everywhere as Google's caches are updated.  

Bug is Fixed !

Bug is Fixed !
Just went in to Playstore and performed the update. As soon as I was complete over 12 past notifications started alerting non-stop (just what I wanted). I had to manually open each and snooze or confirm accordingly. This is great.
Thanks so much for your prompt response - all is well now !

As of the most recent update,

As of the most recent update, my alarms no longer continuously ring until I hit dismiss. They simply re-beep once every few minutes. None of the alarm settings have been changed on my end.

Continuous ringing is why I purchased your app in the first place. Please fix the problem. Otherwise, I will have to start using another app. Thank you.

Alright, thank you for the

Alright, thank you for the report. I am looking into this matter.


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