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Any chance of a pre alarm?

Any chance of a pre alarm?

I set birthdays as a reminder on the day but I'd like to be able to set a pre-alarm to remind me to go buy a card and present a few weeks/days before.

....the function "Fixiert"

....the function "Fixiert" (German version, means "fixed" in english) do? There is no hint about the functionality behind it. I did not get the function of this option by trying. So what does it do?

Suggestion: It would be nice, to set in the preferences, that the time could be choosed by 5 or 10 or whatnot intervalls. Then you would have just 05/10/15 and so on to choose for the reminders time. Cause now I always have to scroll until I have a "round" time there.

btw, great app!

br Mike

Hi Christoph,

Hi Christoph,

thank you for the new release. We talked last year here and I was suggesting that auto-snooze feature. Can you tell me when this will be implemented? Because it would be really helpful for the way I use n'4get Reminder.

Best regards


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