ANT 4 MailChecking

Is your mailbox crowded with spam mail? Do you own a number of mail accounts that make it hard to keep track of the really important mails? Then ANT 4 MailChecking might be prefect for you. You can see all the important information on your new mail messages at a glance. Deleting unwanted mail or taking a look at incoming messages is just two clicks away.

A tiny information window always stays on your desktop for easy access. Do you want to know more? See the Product Section of this website, or simply download and try the program for yourself. It is completely free to download and try without restrictions. If you like our program, we ask you to register your copy, though the evaluation period never expires. So you can keep using the program for free, until you feel the urge for giving us something in return.

ANT 4 MailChecking has been around for quite some time and is not actively developed at the moment. However, as it still offers great value, it will stay online and can be downloaded at the download section of this website.

Registrations are currently not active, but might become available again shortly.