n'4get Reminder Changelog

Never Forget To Water Your Plants!

Version 4.2

(new) Confirmation in advance
(update) Material style with more transitions
(update) Details screen for phone and tablet sizes
(fix) Date Picker fixed
(fix) Various minor bugfixed
(update) Performance enhancement

Version 4.1

(new) Full Android 5.0 Lollipop integration
(new) Material Theme with new colors
(new) Floating Button
(new) Icons for confirmed reminders
(new) Overall performance improved
(new) Deleting Birthdays and Anniversaries from the list

Version 4.01

(new) Insisting bug fixed

Version 4.0

(new) Android 5.0 Lollipop style notifications
(new) Reminder on specific weekday
(new) Group colors and updated UI
(new) Supporting "Multi Window"
(update) Italian and Ukrainian language added
(update) LED color represents group
(update) App icon modernized
(update) Minimum requirement Android 4.0
(fix) Snooze bug fixed

Version 3.2

(new) Dutch language added
(new) Voice recognition
(update) Snooze times editable
(pro) 18 New reminder icons

Version 3.11

(update) French language updated
(fix) Bugs fixed

Version 3.1

(new) Polish language added
(new) Contact pictures and quick link to contact
(new) Enable specific contacts for birthdays/anniversaries
(new) Progress bar on repeating reminder details
(update) Preferences menu rearranged
(update) Light Theme updated
(update) New Reminder dialog cleaned up
(update) Navigation Drawer shows open reminders
(update) Optimized style for 7" Kindle Fire HD and HDX devices

Version 3.03

(new) French language added
(update) Fixed preferences/promo code bug

Version 3.02

(new) Open Translation Project at Applokaligo
(new) Hungarian language added
(update) Hotfixes

Version 3.01

(update) Bugfix for Kindle Fire HD on the Amazon AppStore only

Version 3.0

(new) Insisting alarms
(new) Sticky notifications
(new) 20 additional icons and 12 new vibrations can be unlocked
(new) Navigation drawer
(update) User interface improvements
(update) Phone numbers, e-mails, web sites recognized
(update) (R)epeating and (I)nsisting indicators
(update) Bigger icons in notification bar
(update) Performance enhanced
(update) Minimum requirement: Android 2.2
(fix) Bugs fixed

Version 2.7:

(new) Import/export data to SD storage
(new) DashClock Extension available
(update) Birthday/anniversary support for new devices
(update) Navigation gestures optimized
(fix) Speed issue solved on low performance phones 
(fix) Fixed rare notification bug

Version 2.6:

(new) New list design with headlines and view options
(new) Support for extensions - DashClock Extension will be available soon
(new) Snooze of confirmed reminders possible 
(update) Snooze icon changed
(update) Values shown on preference screen
(update) Editing reminder cancels it's snooze
(update) Faster import of birthdays and anniversaries   
(update) More space for snooze action (Jelly Bean Notification) 
(fix) Linebreaking fixed again
(fix) Fixed duplicate birthday imports

Version 2.51:

(fix) Long reminder names break correctly

Version 2.5:

(new) Add Quick Reminder
(new) Turn screen on when reminding (optional)
(new) Clone Reminder
(update) Weeks as interval
(update) Details page improved for small screen sizes
(update) Right/left navigation on edges
(fix) Various bugfixes

Version 2.4

(new) Jelly Bean notifications with actions
(new) 24 new reminder icons
(new) Snooze indicator in list
(update) List order changed
(update) List with date and time left
(update) New/edit dialog: panel UI 
(update) Color notification icons
(update) More snooze options
(update) Home button saves changes of a new reminder 
(fix) Bugfixes

Version 2.3

(new) Option to use Android's Backup Agent
(update) New/Edit Reminder interface improved
(update) Bar Widget reworked
(update) Performance optimization
(update) Minor UI improvements
(fix) Upgrade to Pro carries over all settings

Version 2.2

(update) Fresh widget style for Android 4.x
(update) Standard icon returns Special Christmas Style

Version 2.1

(new) Special Christmas Style
(new) Lockscreen Widgets for Android 4.2
(new) Share App
(new) Android 4.2 compatibility
(update) Order of finished reminders from recent to old items
(update) Ads hidden after 8 seconds (Free Version)
(fix) ANR on start with a locked database

Version 2.0

(new) New UI, dark and light themes
(new) Add/delete/rename groups
(new) New and updated animations on various places
(update) Saving reminder takes you to the details
(update) Reminders set to the past trigger immediately
(fix) Fixed notification icon on low density screens
(fix) Fixed launcher crash from widget (Jelly Bean)
(fix) Other bugfixes and internal optimizations 


Version 1.7

(new) Snooze capability
(new) Share a Reminder
(new) Date Dialog can switch to calendar view (Android 3.0+)
(update) Action Bar and Menu Item order
(update) Change Log shows after update
(update) Dialog when exiting New/Edit View
(update) Minor changes


Version 1.6.1

(new) New App Icon
(new) Stock Vibration Pattern
(new) User Generated Vibration Pattern
(new) Anniversary Import from Contacts
(new) Add Reminder Button in Every Group
(update) Updated Help
(fix) Minor Bugfixes


Version 1.5.1

(fix) Reset Time button fixed


Version 1.5

(new) Custom notification sound
(new) Action bar with new green title text
(new) Notification with custom color bubble (Android 3.0+)
(update) German language strings
(new) Unconfirmed notifications are re-entered to the notification bar after app update
(fix) Issue resolved where confirmation button was shown after editing reminder


Version 1.4

(new) Birthday imports from Contacts
(new) Quick actions when long pressing a reminder
(update) More accurate display of remaining time
(new) Counting down last seconds of a reminder
(new) Heartbeat animation of active reminders in details
(new) Silent during phone call
(new) Hardware acceleration
(new) Amazon App Store support
(update) Green color theme for buttons, checkboxes and dividers
(update) Date, time and interval dialogs with scrolling wheels for Android 3.0+
(update) Fixed issue where confirmation button was shown when already confirmed
(update) Unconfirmed reminders are still active after reboot
(update) Setting reminders to the past or editing them will not trigger a notification
(new) Advertisement can be hidden, direct link to upgrade
(update) Resizeable List Widget, up to 12 lines, new buttons on Bar Widget
(update) More information on details page
(update) Action bar is Android 4.0 ICS compliant
(new) Ratings dialog
(update) Adding apostrophe to the name: n'4get Reminder
(update) Minor bug fixes

Version 1.3

(new) custom reminder icons in 5 colors
(update) new top logo
(new) bar shapes for each reminder, green when tapped
(new) background in details page
(new) today, yesterday, tomorrow, on list & details
(update) tapping the list widget content brings up the reminder list
(new) default values of your last reminder when creating a new one
(update) had to disable sd card installs, widgets not working with it; this is an Android limitation :(
(new) sticky notification - tapping on the notification bar does not automatically remove the entry - added button to confirm the reminder
(new) direct link to go Pro from preferences - visible when Android Market is present
(update) unified text color on all devices 

Version 1.2

(new) preferences dialog
(new) silent mode
(new) expandable options
(update) menu and notification icons to comply with ICS 4.0 guidelines
(update) layout changes

Version 1.1

(new) green notification symbol for every reminder