n'4get Reminder Features

Never Forget Anniversaries!
n'4get Reminder is a reliable notification app with custom sound, color icons, vibration pattern and LED light. 
It's the perfect birthday reminder app as it imports birthdays and anniversaries from the phone's contacts and shows them on a homescreen widget.
Once installed n'4get Reminder becomes an addition to the Android system that one would not want to miss.
n'4get - Never Forget!
n'4get Reminder reminds the user of important events with sound, vibration and LED lights. It puts a message to the Android notification bar and waits for confirmation. The reminders can be set to a specific date or with an interval for recurring events. 
Vibration Pattern
The app comes with a set of stock vibration pattern but also allows the creation of new pattern by tapping and holding down while recoding a vibration pattern. 
Two different widgets are available to place on the homescreen or lockscreen of the Android device, the n'4get Bar Widget and the n'4get List Widget. Those make the information of upcoming reminders available right at your fingertips and can also be customized to show a specific group of reminders, such as birthdays. The List Widget may be resized in height and width, making it easier to use the valuable homescreen space efficiently. 
Birthdays and Anniversaries
These are automatically imported from contacts or the phonebook. The reminder shows the age that person will turn, if this information is available. 
The Android Backup Agent integration backs up reminders, groups, vibration pattern and preferences in the background. When the app is reinstalled after a firmware update, or a change of devices, that data will be restored automatically. For most users data is stored on the Google Account, however this may vary across devices. Check the Android System Settings for Backup/Restore for more details. 
Silent Mode
Another unique feature is the silent mode. It mutes reminders during the night. The silent mode can be adjusted by start and endtime. 
An easy way to organize reminders are groups. Reminders that share one group are displayed together and can also have their own homescreen widget. This makes it easier to access a growing number of reminders.
Icon Colors
n'4get Reminder also provides 6 color notification icons and 24 pictograms (provided by Glyphish).
The app is specifically designed to be easy to use and comes with an appealing design that fits nicely into the visual style of latest flagship Android devices. It is a native Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) app, but also runs on older Android versions, down to version 2.1. 
The user interface is also optimized for the use on tablet devices and runs smoothly on 10” screens. n'4get Reminder uses only a limited amount of system resources and does not drain the battery, even with a large number of reminders in place. 

n'4get Reminder Pro comes without advertisements, allows an unlimited number od custom vibration pattern and uses a minimum of permissions, excluding internet access.

Take a look at the screenshots to see n'4get Reminder in action.