Download n'4get Reminder

Never Forget To Bring It Along!

n'4get Reminder can be downloaded from Google Play and Amazon App Store. Use the Searchterm "n4get" for easy access or click on the links below:

n'4get Reminder

Available on Google PlayQR Code

n'4get Reminder at Amazon App Store


n'4get Reminder Pro

Either download to the Pro version from your favorite app store as a seperate app, or use the in-app unlocking mechanism.

Available on Google PlayQR Code

n'4get Reminder at Amazon App Store


Terms and Conditions

Please take a look at our terms and conditions prior to downloading the app. By downloading the app you agree to these terms. This document is currently available in german language only.


Promo Codes

If you happen to own a  promo code, you can unlock new features or get them at a discounted rate. 

I have a received a promo code, where do I enter it?

Start n'4get Reminder and open 'Preferences' from the menu. Select 'Enter promo code here' and insert your code. Please note that you need to have an active network connection to complete the process. 

Why does n'4get Reminder Pro not have the promo code dialog?

The Pro version also has all extra features. Promo codes can only be entered in the free n'4get Reminder. 

How long can I use my promo code?

The promo code only works on the days or weeks of the promotion, in which it can be used to unlock features of get a discounted rate. After the promotion period is over, it will stop working. The benefits of the promo code will remain after the promotion period is over. 

I am moving to a new device and want to know if my promo code will work there?

After the promotion period is over, you will not be able to enter the code on your new device again. However, you can use the app's function to export and import your data to SD, to move all your data to a new device. This will also transfer your promo code benefits. 

Can I uninstall or delete app data and still keep my promo code unlocks?

Data on your promo code is stored inside of the apps settings. If deleted, it's gone. Please keep a backup of your settings to restore it.